Source №1

This is hydro-carbonate-sodium-calcium water. Scientists of Lviv Medical
Institute and Odessa Scientific-Research Institute of Health Resort Science
and Physiotherapy and local doctors advise to use this water for such
diseases treatment: urolithiasis, chronic pyelonephritis, chronic
pyelocystitis of non tuberculosis derivation and diseases of biliary ducts system.

Source №2-s

This is hydro-carbonate-sodium water of medium mineralization (like "Borjomy",
"Poliana Kvasova"). Physiologically this kind of water "2-с" influences on pH balance,
facilities decreasing of acid production by stomach glands. It is very helpful for
treatment of gastritis with hyper and normal acidity, ulcerative disease, chronic
pancreatitis, colitis.

Source №3

This is law sour hydro-carbonate-calcium water of law mineralization.
This water has a diuretic and anti-inflammatory function, ameliorates blood circulation,
in case of kidneys law function facilities recovery of kidneys normal functioning.

Source №8, 9, 10 (pump-room)

These are hydro-carbonate-calcium waters. They are recommended in treatment of liver and
biliary ducts diseases (chronic cholecystitis, cholelithiasis, chronic hepatitis) and
pathology of urethral canals and kidneys (urolithiasis, chronic pyelonephritis).
This water increases diuretic and filtration function of kidneys.

Source №15

Water from this source is rich in iron, carbonic acid and manganese. There aren't analogues
of this source in Ukraine. Water from this unique source is recommended in treatment of
chronic diseases of stomach with hypoacidity followed by anaemies and others kinds of anaemies,
after bleedings and late chlorosis. This water is useful for radionuclide getting out from
the human organism.

Source №13

By its physico-chemical properties water from this source is similar to that from the source №15.
This is hydro-carbonate-calcium water. This water changes secretory function of the stomach glands
with different intensity, increases production of pepsin. Ions of iron II valence as the specific
generator of blood accelerate production of erythrocytes and are original building materials for
the haemoglobin. This water facilities radionuclide getting out from the human organism.

Source №25 і 26.

By its physico-chemical properties hydro-carbonate-sulphate-calcium-manganese waters of law
mineralization from these sources have all characteristic groups of microorganisms for waters
like "Naftusia". They are recommended in treatment of kidneys diseases and after jaundice.