Additional services

For customers who suffer from some diseases we offer dietetic dishes.
Here you can also banquet.

If you want to cook yourselves you can use a separate kitchen.

For visitors who stay here for more than 3 days we make a picnic with a shashlik in mountains.

Meals per person:

Breakfast - 50.00 UAH., Lunch - 75.00 UAH., Dinner - 75.00 UAH. (as of 01.12.2017).
The cost of 3 meals a day - 185 UAH.

On "Villa Ignatieva" you can spend your time with pleasure in the sauna with pool,
in a launch and take a shower "Sharko".

For visitors who stay here for more than 3 days one entry in sauna is free of charge. At your disposal are: billiard, table tennis, chess. In summer you can take on hire bicycles and in winter - alpine equipment. In winter we make a New Year and Christmas parties.

For our customers we make pleasure-trips to theatres, concert halls and circus of Lviv. In winter
we make trips to an alpine resort Slavske. Besides we organize trips to Dovbush Mounts,
to the Tustan and Pochayev castles and to others places.