Health-centre "Villa Ignatieva" offers modern rooms equipped with lavatories and shower baths (water is supplied twenty-four-hours), elegant furniture, a TV-set, a telephone and a refrigerator.

There are 7 rooms, a dining-room, a stone hall for the rest, a kitchen for individual cooking in the first building.

There are 2 rooms, medical cabinets, a sauna, table tennis and a billiard in the second building.

There is a free of charge parking equipped with cameras on the territory of the villa.

Room 201

Price: 20$

Room 202

Price: 10$

Room 203

Price: 50$

Room 204

Price: 20$

Room 205

Price: 20$

Room 206

Price: 20$

Room 207

Price: 20$

Room 208

Price: 15$

Room 209

Price: 20$

Room 210

Price: 20$

Room 211

Price: 20$