In Carpathian Mountains at the height of 600 metres above the sea level
there is a unique small mountain health-resort settlement Skhidnytsia.
Health-giving waters, fresh mountains air filled with the smell of resin,
beautiful mountains nature - all these components are very helpful in liver,
kidney, stomach diseases treatment, facilities radionuclide and heavy metals
getting out from the human organism. And in the middle of this beauty the
health-centre "Villa Ignatieva" is situated.

Health-centre "Villa Ignatieva" consists of two buildings;
there are 9 comfortable rooms for exigent customers in these buildings.

All rooms are equipped with modern sanitary units (water is supplied twenty-four-hours),
a TV-set, a refrigerator, a telephone. There are additional sofas and kitchen utensils
in every room. There is a well guarded parking on the territory of the villa.

At a disposal of customers are: medical examinations, massage, ozokerite applications.
Here you can have your blood count for sugar with an apparatus "ONE TOUCH ® BASIC™ Plus".

In a stylish dining-room you'll be offered three times a day board according to your
personal order and a qualified nutritionist will look after you.

At your disposals are: table tennis, chess and billiard. You can also go to the sauna
with the pool; you can take a shower "Sharko" and go to the lounge.

For your active rest we worked out tourist trips and cycle excursions. In winter you can
take on hire alpine skiing equipment and snowmobiles.

Welcome to "Villa Ignatieva" and you'll be better than at home!